Lake Prince at Home

Lake Prince Woods offers a continuum of care to residents, ensuring that each person receives the level of care they need throughout their retirement years. As part of that continuum, an integrated line of care called Lake Prince at Home focuses on providing specialized services where residents are most comfortable. It has three distinct features:

  1. Our home care team provides support with non-medical needs in the home, including light housekeeping, meal prep, and help getting dressed.
  2. Our home health team offers appropriate clinical care tailored to the resident’s circumstances in the home environment.
  3. Our hospice services are delivered compassionately – either at home or in the health care unit – when a physician certifies a life expectancy of six months or less.

Lake Prince at Home is a CHAP-licensed, not-for-profit agency that serves Suffolk and the South Hampton Roads area of eastern Virginia.

Lake Prince at Home

Lake Prince at Home is a Medicare-certified home health and hospice program that allows a resident to remain in their home while recovering from an illness or medical condition. Services include nursing and therapy, which can be provided on a temporary or a long-term basis.

Our professional staff provides personal and medical support to enable our residents to enhance their quality of life.

red-haired woman in scrubs supports older woman using crutches

Home Care

Sometimes, you just need a little extra assistance with the activities of daily living. Our home care service is an affordable option that provides you with exactly the support you need. That can include help doing the laundry and tidying up inside, or it can involve meal planning, socializing, and transportation to an appointment or for errands. Home care doesn’t require a clinician, just a helping hand and a willing heart.

red-haired woman in scrubs supports older woman using crutches

Home Health

Home health is designed to treat an illness or injury in a setting where you’re most comfortable and without your having to be admitted to a hospital or skilled nursing facility. It includes a range of services, such as medication injections, wound care, intravenous therapy, and ongoing monitoring of your illness.

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Home health has several goals, depending on individual needs. For example, it can support you in getting better, promote self-sufficiency, help you maintain your current abilities or function, and prevent you from declining further.

The home health staff will monitor your diet and vital signs, educate you on taking prescription medications, evaluate your level of pain, determine the safety of your home environment, and collaborate with your physician about your overall health status.

To begin home health, you will need a doctor’s orders. Before treatments begin, the home health agency will visit you and gather information about your needs and your current health picture. They’ll also coordinate with your doctor and provide updates on your progress.

Although some people mistakenly believe that home health is the same thing as home care, the two services are quite distinct. The easiest way to distinguish one from the other is the degree of medical involvement needed.

Home care services are non-medical, while home health services support someone who just had an acute episode due to an illness or injury. Home care is not considered a skilled service and is more cost effective than paying a private duty nurse or opting for an in-patient setting.

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Hospice Care

At most EveryAge communities, hospice care is provided by local agencies, which specialize in end-of-life supportive services. Lake Prince Woods is unique because it has intentionally introduced its own signature hospice program through Lake Prince at Home, its home health and home care affiliate. LPAH is a CHAP-licensed, not-for-profit agency that serves the South Hampton Roads area of eastern Virginia.

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The hospice philosophy focuses on providing care to people who are at the end of their life, either as the result of old age, advanced disease progression, or a combination of conditions. It promotes pain management and advocates for dying with dignity and comfort.

Hospice features an interdisciplinary approach, bringing relief by addressing whole-person care through physical, emotional, and spiritual measures. The hospice team includes a doctor, nurse, social worker, volunteer, nursing assistant, and chaplain, who all work together to bring comfort and closure to a patient’s life. Quality of life is the foremost goal – however a patient chooses to define that concept for him- or herself. The patient is also encouraged to live out their final days wherever they prefer, whether that’s at home, in a relative’s home, in a community facility, or in the hospice house.

In contrast to what some people believe, hospice services are not just a last resort, dedicated to the final few days of life. Hospice care is intended to be more long-term. In fact, it’s to the patient’s advantage to be referred to hospice sooner rather than later so that he or she can claim all the benefits they’re entitled to. While hospice care technically becomes available when a physician certifies that a patient is expected to live six months or less, palliative care (which is available for treatment of chronic disease as well as life-limiting conditions) is often an earlier option. Plus, hospice care can often extend life because it grants a patient peace of mind and a sense of control over their diagnosis.

Best of all, hospice services are designed to support not only the patient but also their family, who can get help with bathing, transfers, medication management, and more. Grief counseling is also available to families, not only after a death but before the patient passes. Importantly, hospice is intended to help the entire family enjoy life in the moment, and it invites each member to reclaim the roles they enjoyed prior to illness – treasuring what it’s like to be a spouse, a child, or a sibling rather than simply being a caregiver.

Frequent Questions

What area does Lake Prince at Home cover?
Lake Prince at Home provides home health and hospice services in Southampton, Isle of Wight, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and Norfolk.
How are services coordinated when I am in the hospital and looking to discharge home?

The hospital case manager works with the physician and the patient to determine the discharge plan following a hospital stay. Should a patient need care at home as part of their continuing care from the hospital, the case manager will provide a list of agencies to review. Let them know you would like to choose Lake Prince at Home, and the case manager will provide clinical information to the agency to review. An outreach coordinator will make a visit at bedside to conduct a coordination-of-care visit and to discuss expectations you have for home health services.

How are services coordinated when I am in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) and looking to discharge home?

The SNF social worker collaborates with the clinical team at the facility and with the patient and responsible party to determine the treatment plan and the services needed for success upon returning home. The social worker will provide a list of agencies for your review. Let them know you would like to choose Lake Prince at Home, and the social worker will make a referral to the agency. An outreach coordinator will make a visit at bedside to conduct a coordination-of-care visit and to discuss expectations you have for home health services.

When will someone come to my house?
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) expect Lake Prince at Home to make an initial admission visit within 24-48 hours after discharge and after accepting the referral for admission. An admission may occur beyond 48 hours if your physician approves that time frame for an initial visit or admission.
Does Medicare pay for home health services?

Yes, Medicare pays for home health services when a patient meets home-bound criteria and has a medical need for nursing and/or therapy visits. Home health services are reimbursed under Medicare Part B.

Do other insurances cover home health?

Yes, and it depends on whether a provider is contracted with the insurance plan. Lake Prince at Home, as a new agency, is working to obtain managed care contracts; in the meantime, we will review the insurance and if the patient has a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) or indemnity plan, Lake Prince at Home can take a patient using the out-of-network benefits.

What does homebound status mean for home health services?

The patient may be considered homebound (confined to the home) if absences from the home require a taxing effort and are:

  • Infrequent and for periods of relatively short duration
  • Needed to receive health care treatment
  • For religious services
  • To attend adult daycare programs
  • For other unique or infrequent events (for example, a funeral, graduation, trip to the barber)
What kinds of services does home health provide?

Medicare covers the following services. For managed care organizations, please refer to your benefit booklet for specific covered services

  • Skilled nursing (SN) care (other than solely venipuncture for the purposes of obtaining a blood sample) on a part-time or intermittent basis
  • Home health aides on a part-time or intermittent basis
  • Physical therapy (PT)
  • Occupational therapy (OT)
  • Speech-language pathology (SLP)
  • Medical social services
  • Routine and non-routine medical supplies (for example, catheters, catheter care supplies, ostomy bags, and ostomy care supplies)
  • DME, or durable medical equipment (paid separately from the home health prospective payment)
  • Injectable osteoporosis drugs (reimbursed on a reasonable cost basis, and the patient must meet certain criteria)
  • Negative pressure wound therapy using disposable devices

Make a Referral to Lake Prince at Home

Lake Prince Woods makes it simple for anyone to contact a team member about a loved one who needs home care, home health, or hospice care. Simply complete this form and a member of Lake Prince at Home will follow up with you to share information about next steps.

You may also call 757.923.5542 for help at any time.

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